Koh Phi Phi

This is a magical island. It’s got the cute, friendly cats ready to love on your leg. It’s got plenty of shopping, eating and drinking available. It’s got Scuba and snorkeling in the crystal blue ocean you expect of paradise. The Banana Bar has a rooftop bar with several big screen projectors and a dynamite sound system. Watching Kill Bill with excellent sound made me appreciate Tarantino’s movie soundtrack all over again. Although it’s full of shirtless, tattooed post-grad or gap year douchebros drinking to excess and discussing debauchery in loud voices, you can easily ignore them to fully enjoy this fantasy island. Cosmic (near the party area) is a restaurant with homemade ravioli that made me smile. What a place!




Quiet, lapping waves on our semi-private beach with the little kitty who followed us home and slept every night in our room.



View from 3rd floor of Phi Phi Good View Hotel.



The fire dudes before the daily fire show. They showed us all their fire scars.




Sunset soccer at low tide.



The “main” street is full of snack stalls, bars, and traditional tattoo parlors like this one.

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