300 Degree ~ A Meter of Delicious Pizza in Seoul

It may be a gimmick, but a meter of pizza for 38$ is pretty sweet. The quality is good and the size is unbeatable. The tame visitor can order a normal pizza, but the smart money is on the big boy, one full meter of pizza, three choices of pie.





We ordered the classic Italian rucola, (my favorite) classic American style sausage and mushroom and the non-classic but surprisingly tasty sausage and french fry. The fries have a sprinkle of rosemary to add a little flavor. They also have a sweet gorgonzola, bufala cheese, shrimp and more.

In addition to the massive pizza, we ordered some lasagna and meatballs too. I like to add a little meatball to the crust of the pizza. Both were good, pasta was a nice multi-layered affair with egg noodles and homemade sauce. The meatballs were perfect.



This place is really a favorite of mine because I got to take so much home and then feast all week!

That large lunch needed some walking off, and we headed through the traffic to Yongmasan with the dog. The fall colors were blooming, crisp air was breezing through our scarfs and a fake waterfall was perfectly arranged. Just because Mother Nature didn’t bless this mountain with a scenic waterfall doesn’t mean we can’t have one. Evidently, the water can be turned on and off, losing the romance of spontaneity but adding some faux character to Seoul’s concrete jungle. And what day is complete without an double espresso?




300 Degree is located in Konkuk University Area. Out exit 5, turn right immediately and cross the street, follow that sidewalk for 10 minutes, on your right.

510 Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

A Day Trip to Gangwando for Chicken and Fish Egg Soup

The East Sea of Korea is only about 180km away from Seoul. It’s not a hard drive on a beautiful fall day. We passed the legendary “Dragon Ridge” peaks of Seoraksan where the mountains and the sea are visible during your descent.


The sea air starts to fill the car and I was craving some fish. But, I was in for a surprise as always. Stopping in a small restaurant beside the rolling trawlers in the Sokcho harbor, we ordered some food that I’d never seen on menus before. It was a raw shelled creature with the traditional side dishes served as appetizer. Then came a fish egg soup served only during this time of year, presumably egg-laying time. The fish bellies were spilling out with small yellow eggs. It’s a type of caviar I suppose.



It was spicy and flavorful. The eggs were a little gooey and runny.

We took a little walkabout the town and went right for the main attraction. 만석 (Man Suk) Chicken. During my many bus trips to Sokcho, I always saw people with these boxes.


It turns out, there is some pretty delicious chicken inside there. Evidently, it’s just like other fried chicken but the skin is flaky and the chicken can be enjoyed cold. It’s quite an operation.There are boxes stacked ten to fifteen high and people buy three at a time. It can also be delivered all over Korea.



The chicken place can be found inside this little mall near the main market and past all the fish hawkers outside.




We were in the city for just a few hours and then back on the road. Road tripping in Korea.