Tokyo ~ Sights in the City

The crushing population, weird fashion, delicious fish, tasty beer, flashing lights, bowing politely, expensive taxis: it’s Tokyo. Although the culture shock wasn’t too much for me after living in Seoul for seven years, it’s still quite a place to see. There are lots of different neighborhoods, tiny alleys, broad boulevards, a plethora of small noodle shops, cute shopping districts and crazy nightlife. Continue reading “Tokyo ~ Sights in the City”


A Weekend in Bologna ~ Faces in Phones, Jesus and Leaning Towers

As I was walking off the copious amounts of food from Bolognese cuisine, I did plenty of people watching. The city seems to be made of brick. There are covered promenades, some with frescoes. Cheeses and cured meats are offered in┬átiny storefronts. It was the home of Europe’s first university in the 11th century, with alumni like Dante Alighieri and Copernicus. Continue reading “A Weekend in Bologna ~ Faces in Phones, Jesus and Leaning Towers”