Otres Beach ~ People

About 2km down from Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s biggest port town, lies the ultra-chill Otres Beach. About a dozen guesthouses, about a dozen restaurants, about a mile of quiet sandy beach is about all this town has. But, there is still a good sense of business among the relaxation for some people. There are mangoes to be sold, bracelets to make and massages to give.





Three massage girls chatting after I got a nice backrub for 5$.


This is Leda, a hilarious girl. I told her one dollar for a bracelet, and she threw her head back and scoffed, “In your dreams.” I ended up buying a necklace and 3 bracelets.



There are also quite a few expats living here, like these Frenchmen, enjoying a shirtless game of boules in the courtyard.

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