Walkabout in Bangkok

The city is big. I wasn’t sure how far I’d get, but starting from my hostel near Sukhumvit, heading slightly aimlessly south and west. It was around noon on a Friday. People were out and about, cars paced the streets, dogs and cats patrolled their corners, cockroaches hid in the shadows awaiting their time to shine–nighttime. Stuck on a main thoroughfare with poisonous traffic fumes all around, I made my way into the alleys.


I found some friendly uniformed men who wanted to talk to me despite their lack of English.


Sorry, it’s the wrong side of the road. Nobody wants to shift gears with their left hand. There’s a reason we drive on the “right” side.




He wanted to talk, but moved away when I went to pet him. Cute.




These guys were drinking whiskey. I opted for soda water and greatly disappointed them. But they had fun posing.


She was so scared and happy to see me. She wavered between this face and a heartwarming smile.


They were waiting for something or someone, and the old man laughed heartily when he saw his picture.


Strawberries on clothes? Only when you’re little and cute.


This was some terrible Thai drama being filmed. The boy and girl saw me and smirked. The director (multi-colored hat) called some phrases, then the Thai word for “ACTION” and the camera rolled down the track. There were no words spoken. The girl just looked deeply into the boy’s eyes and then ran away with arms flailing and feigned tears. They broke set and the actors walked away without a word to each other.


Trash encroaching upon the reflection.




The day ended with me being accosted by ladyboys on Sukhumvit soi 4–a notorious spot for hawking flesh. Bangkok.

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