Luang Prabang ~ Kuang Si Waterfalls

Charter a tuk-tuk or mini van to take you the 40 minutes to this paradisaical locale. First, we hike up the hill, and meet the bears, rather playful and seemingly happy. They are the Asian Bears, sometimes called Sun Bear or Moon Bear, depending on the color stripe on their chest. These guys were climbing and scratching and fun to watch, but that cold water was calling to my sweaty backpacked back.


It’s not long before being greeted with the dream like waterfalls and miraculously colored blue water. I had seen no pictures of this before, so it was all a wonderful surprise.



I dove right in…




Quiet, cold water mixed with that soothing sound of flowing water created an atmosphere of cheek hurting smiles.



After soaking for a while, I took a walk higher into the trees. I met a guy on the trail and we hiked talking about mutual interests such as The Mighty Ducks’ movies. The jungle trees were dense and old.



Because of poor planning, I was only able to spend a much too brief half day here. I could have stayed longer. Such a pleasure even if it went too fast. It was like that 5$ truffle you buy at the mall, you only get one delicious bite, but it’s usually one to remember.

2 thoughts on “Luang Prabang ~ Kuang Si Waterfalls

  1. the water/falls remind me of the fun in Austin when you took us to your favorite water spots. The lush jungle, however, is far different from Austin. Beautiful!

    1. Yeah, the temperature is close to Austin. So hot here! You must be referencing Barton Springs, that water is clean and clear like this one.

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