Boryeong Beach ~ Swimming in October, Noraebang and Seafood

Scraping the last bits out of summer before the Korean fall arrives with chilly mornings and crunchy leaves underfoot, we dashed down to Boryeong. At Daechon beach, we find (as far as I know) one of the only beaches on the West Sea that isn’t just a large tide-pool. You can actually swim here, albeit with little to no waves. I was in the water and saw some locals with jackets eyeing me suspiciously. It’s only a quick 2-3 hour drive from Seoul. The July Mudfest is held here every year. Also, the pine trees and mountain backdrop is a unique setting.


IMG_5671 (1)We met some friends and ate a massive seafood feast. There was a wide assortment of shelled organisms, noodle soup, crab and kimchi. Unfortunately, soju made its way onto the menu and I got plastered, ended up running around with Hershey dog and singing Bon Jovi on the beach. We found the karaoke room which gave me a nice venue to continue my drunken shenanigans.



IMG_2737The next day, we took the dog for a hurting hangover walk discussing the forgotten memories and enjoying the early morning sunshine. It’s a wonderful little spot for a getaway.



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