Lunch By The Sea ~ Croatia

On a long day’s tour through the Istrian Peninsula of western Croatia, we stopped in for lunch after a swim in the cool, emerald waters of the Adriatic. Restaurant Najade (M. Tita 69)┬ásits astride the tranquil almost imperceptibly moving water. Our first course was a nice risotto with a firm but chewy cephalopod.


Next, we ate the main course of crunchy calamari, head-on prawns and a dragonfish fillet.


The local white wine, Malvasia, had a well-balanced flavor to match the seafood, with an unbeatable view.


Our dessert, piling on top of way too much food, was soft chocolate crepe and a cherry pie.


Later in the night, when the food had settled and we were looking for a place to relax, I was thirsty and found a rather poor Croatian gelato to pair with the excellent and fun to say aloud beer, Ozujsko.



Local HaNoi Crepe Makers

Local HaNoi Crepe Makers

These girls were shy at first and then when I got out the camera, they posed like naturals.