Koh Lanta ~ Hermit Crab Beach

As the sun was setting, I heard a rustling like someone shaking shells in their hand. The sand behind me seemed to be moving. The tide-line was literally crawling with life. The little crabs were going about their business investigating around the rubbish searching for clams or snails. They would leap into their homes if you approached but reappeared, claw first, if you picked them up.





It was a deserted beach during low season, (May-October) but very interesting to see the variety of shells they used. None were bigger than your thumb. There were also these two island dogs doing some hunting at low tide.








2 thoughts on “Koh Lanta ~ Hermit Crab Beach

  1. Doesn’t look much like Avalon beaches. That clacking sound must have been Weird. LU mom

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