Itaewon ~ Motor City & Oh Poutine

Evidently, Detroit makes its own style of deep-dish pizza and there is an outstanding version of this pie in Itaewon. The background of this style is being baked in the old steel pans that would hold the nuts and bolts of the car manufacturers from Motown. Continue reading “Itaewon ~ Motor City & Oh Poutine”

Namyangju ~ Merry Dog Cafe

We were buying some dog food from an outlet store in Seoul’s distant suburbs and stopped into a cute dog cafe. This one had it all: Continue reading “Namyangju ~ Merry Dog Cafe”

Ganghwado ~ Korea’s Muddy West Sea

One Sunday, we got moving too late for the beach, so we headed to an island north of Incheon at the headwaters of Seoul’s Han River, adjacent to North Korea, Ganghwado (강화도). Continue reading “Ganghwado ~ Korea’s Muddy West Sea”

Seoul ~ Julio’s Mexican & a Saturday Walkabout in Jongno

We exited the subway, squinting in the June sun, onto the busy streets of Jongno, with old ladies hustling and old men playing Chinese checkers. Everybody’s shoes seemed to be half on and their hats half off. Also, people are still pissed about Park Geun-hye, except these folks were pissed that she was arrested. Loud and repetitive it was. Continue reading “Seoul ~ Julio’s Mexican & a Saturday Walkabout in Jongno”

Yangyang Beach ~ A Snowy Start to 2017

Yangyang is smack in the middle of the two larger and more famous coastal cities of Sokcho and Gangneung. It’s tiny and cute and frozen in the winter. We went there because the Pine Beach Condotel was pet friendly, beachside and turned out to be a nice, clean place. The snow fell the day before and the highway from Seoul was plowed and safe when we arrived at midnight to check in and take a dog walk. Continue reading “Yangyang Beach ~ A Snowy Start to 2017”

Summer Seafood, Spicy Chicken, Mountain Streams & Plenty of Pizza

It’s deep into the sticky Korean summer. High humidity and heavy heat keep us sweating in or out of the air/con. We begin with some lamb-chops. Dusted with rosemary seasoning and very juicy, a bottle of soju and some cold beers sooth jangled nerves. Continue reading “Summer Seafood, Spicy Chicken, Mountain Streams & Plenty of Pizza”

Koh Lanta ~ Hermit Crab Beach

As the sun was setting, I heard a rustling like someone shaking shells in their hand. The sand behind me seemed to be moving. The tide-line was literally crawling with life. The little crabs were going about their business investigating around the rubbish searching for clams or snails. They would leap into their homes if you approached but reappeared, claw first, if you picked them up.





It was a deserted beach during low season, (May-October) but very interesting to see the variety of shells they used. None were bigger than your thumb. There were also these two island dogs doing some hunting at low tide.








I’m Chillin’ ~ Street Scenes in Laos

Life moves slowly in this quiet area of Laos. These are some of the examples:


Men love to pull up their shirt to expose round, squishy, non-segmented bellies, especially during bocce ball time.

Continue reading “I’m Chillin’ ~ Street Scenes in Laos”

Girls with a Cute Dog

A group of girls outside a massage parlor in Phnom Penh were fawning all over this little dog. Unsurprisingly, the puppy was completely adorable and playful. We all took turns petting the panting fluffball.