E.A.T.ing America 2016

A family trip to America for my sister, Elianne’s, wedding. We started off positive with this big pre-flight meal at the Chinese restaurant at Incheon Airport: spicy chicken, spicy seafood soup, soybean noodles, dim sum, glass noodles, fried shrimp and dumplings. Continue reading “E.A.T.ing America 2016”

Summer Seafood, Spicy Chicken, Mountain Streams & Plenty of Pizza

It’s deep into the sticky Korean summer. High humidity and heavy heat keep us sweating in or out of the air/con. We begin with some lamb-chops. Dusted with rosemary seasoning and very juicy, a bottle of soju and some cold beers sooth jangled nerves. Continue reading “Summer Seafood, Spicy Chicken, Mountain Streams & Plenty of Pizza”

Bangkok ~ Taling Pling

It was recommended by TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet. It turned out to be a Thai fusion place that was disappointing. At least the crab was real. The food was good, but nothing special. Salt or MSG was the main ingredient.


Crab Curry–decent.


Fried fish and sweet onions with lemongrass–good, but overwhelming with the lemongrass after a few bites.


Pad Thai with Crab–a staple, and more pleasing to the eye than mouth.



Jordyn was feeling like a mimic parrot.