Summer Seafood, Spicy Chicken, Mountain Streams & Plenty of Pizza

It’s deep into the sticky Korean summer. High humidity and heavy heat keep us sweating in or out of the air/con. We begin with some lamb-chops. Dusted with rosemary seasoning and very juicy, a bottle of soju and some cold beers sooth jangled nerves.

15 - 2

IMG_1687Jordyn and I went for a nice walk with Hershey in the forests of Chuncheon. We had the local specialty of dalkgalbi 닭갈비 which is spicy chicken with vegetables and rice cake. Pictured are the before and after, as well as the Hershey dog.



15 - 8


IMG_1780The giant Lotte Tower, which will be the 5th tallest building upon completion, shines in the background of the local royal tombs/park.

Selfie with Lotte Tower.

IMG_1737A rare beach treat of a long summer weekend found us soaking in seafood and sun. We ate some wickedly delicious and pricy crab, and freshly grilled fish in the seaside village of Jumunjin 주문진. There was also some aquatic life that I didn’t recognize served. I tried most of it. It tasted as you’d expect–oceany.








IMG_2024The Korean coast is so beautiful and wonderful. It’s rather unexploited as well. Luckily, the Korean fear of the ocean serves up barren beaches and a chill setting for relaxation. The lack of waves is always a bummer though. James, our Jim Carrey loving young man, adores the beach and plays in the sand and sea like a blissful seal pup.






DSC_0001A random sushi meal’s mediocrity leaves us wishing for Japan.

IMG_1826This is the always crowded 묘형만두 (mandu/dumpling) restaurant in Guri. The Korean “pizza” (파전) was delightfully fried and the mandu soup was perfect and filled with clean meat and clear noodles.

15 - 35

15 - 36A brief visit to the dog cafe in Itaewon, where pups can socialize with their peers, left Hershey’s butt over-sniffed and a wallet under-served with a 7$ coffee. But, it’s worth it to watch how adept your dog is at socializing. In the back you can see the fun-size dogs who refused entry with their pint sized barks.


Now for the pizza. At two different restaurants, I was able to find some pretty decently priced and acceptably satisfying pies in the Neapolitan style. The pasta Bolognese was also a warm comfort on a rainy afternoon.




IMG_1865Finally, one Saturday, we happened to find a complete surprise in relaxation and coolness. Along a little mountain stream, we dined on spicy chicken and delicate duck soup. Beers in paper cups, chilly fresh water and plenty of floor sitting makes for an authentic Korean experience.







IMG_2125Korea has plenty of simulation experiences. Flirtation bars with sexy, over-interested waitresses, singing rooms with alcohol delivery, and the awesome: screen golf. This particular screen golf is no screen, but in fact, more like a driving range with the ability to track your ball and a moving putting green. Don’t let the pro pose fool you, I’m 40 over par.


IMG_3722Along the north-eastern parts of the Han River, where the pollution diminishes and the width widens, water sports are a popular summer activity. It was nice to test out the old wake-boarding skills, but I still miss the salty Jersey bay. Jordyn did great for her first time!

IMG_1830-COLLAGEIMG_1856Korean summer ends abruptly and promptly on August 31st every year. Despite the balmy September weather, the farmer’s almanac type belief in weather permeates Korean culture. Thus, the beaches become desolate with plenty of space for foreigners to prance about gleefully. Time for one last visit before the leaves fall. Annyeong!

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