Itaewon ~ Motor City & Oh Poutine

Evidently, Detroit makes its own style of deep-dish pizza and there is an outstanding version of this pie in Itaewon. The background of this style is being baked in the old steel pans that would hold the nuts and bolts of the car manufacturers from Motown. Continue reading “Itaewon ~ Motor City & Oh Poutine”

Itaewon EATs ~ Canuck’s, Itaewon The Burger, Rye Post & What a Salad

It used to be a drunken nighttime playground for the thousands of Americans stationed on the nearby Yongsan Army base. As that base and its inhabitants have been slowly migrating 50 miles south to Pyeongtaek, the debauchery and rowdiness of Itaewon has followed the tanks and humvees. What’s left is a plethora of outstanding restaurants, bars, people watching and shopping. Continue reading “Itaewon EATs ~ Canuck’s, Itaewon The Burger, Rye Post & What a Salad”

Taj Palace~A Great Weekend Buffet

When you wake up in the morning, and eggs and bacon aren’t enough. When you crave the spices of the Indian subcontinent. When you need endless plates of seasoned meat and perfectly cooked vegetables. When this is the case, make your way to Taj Palace in Itaewon. They feature a chill decor, helpful staff and delicious food–all you can eat style. The lamb vindaloo is fantastic. The chicken dishes are just right, and the strange nal bean dish is soothingly salty. I love this place for a prelude to the Saturday afternoon food coma that I often crave. There is enough to satisfy carnivores and herbivores here, as well as free naan bread.

Go out Itaewon #3 exit, walk 100 meters, turn right, walk up the hill, it’s about 70 meters on your right.

And sorry for the poor pictures, I’m still working on remembering to bring my nice camera to restaurants.




Comedor~Paraguyan Food in Seoul

A new location hasn’t changed the charming appeal of Comedor, Itaewon’s only Paraguayan restaurant. The empanadas are excellent, especially the cheesy ham and cheese and the well seasoned, tender beef option. We ate the lasagna, and it was acceptable, as far as Korean Italian food goes. But the highlights are the empanadas, and the Chipa, a yucca and cheese mixture that is both chewy and crunchy. I asked the owner, Wilma, my 3 questions in my broken Espanol:

1) How long have you been open? Six years.

2) What is your favorite dish? Empanadas.

3) What is the most important thing in life? Family. My daughter works here, and we are happy working together.

Overall, a nice place for an authentic South American dinner in Seoul.

Exit Itaewon #3, walk straight 100 meters, turn right, go up the hill and it’s on your right after about 60 meters.Image