My Style Food Weekend

Someone told me, “Who goes to Italy and eats Chinese food?” I know it doesn’t make sense, but I had already eaten quite a lot of pasta, pizza and seafood, so I wanted to test out some immigrant delights. The best pizza I’ve ever eaten was in Germany. The best lasagna was in Korea. The best Thai was in Laos. The best steak was in Australia. The best sushi was…OK, that was in Japan, but the point remains, good food is everywhere, and I aim to search for it! Having said that, I had a tasty burger, average Indian food and a fabulously meaty pizza this past weekend.

At VOLO: Urband Fast Food (Via Roma 4), I had a rather decent bacon burger and acai with guarana shake.



At Yoga Ristorante (Via Filippo Corridoni 2), I had nothing special, but certainly enough of India’s traditional flavor to satisfy a craving.



A newly discovered gem, Pizzeria La Napa (Via XXX Ottobre), I customized their margherita to my liking: sausage, prosciutto, pepperoni and bufala mozzarella. The box felt like it weighed a kilo.



And lastly, the perfect accoutrement to any breakfast, lunch or dinner in Italy: espresso di Illy.


Taj Palace~A Great Weekend Buffet

When you wake up in the morning, and eggs and bacon aren’t enough. When you crave the spices of the Indian subcontinent. When you need endless plates of seasoned meat and perfectly cooked vegetables. When this is the case, make your way to Taj Palace in Itaewon. They feature a chill decor, helpful staff and delicious food–all you can eat style. The lamb vindaloo is fantastic. The chicken dishes are just right, and the strange nal bean dish is soothingly salty. I love this place for a prelude to the Saturday afternoon food coma that I often crave. There is enough to satisfy carnivores and herbivores here, as well as free naan bread.

Go out Itaewon #3 exit, walk 100 meters, turn right, walk up the hill, it’s about 70 meters on your right.

And sorry for the poor pictures, I’m still working on remembering to bring my nice camera to restaurants.