Itaewon EATs ~ Canuck’s, Itaewon The Burger, Rye Post & What a Salad

It used to be a drunken nighttime playground for the thousands of Americans stationed on the nearby Yongsan Army base. As that base and its inhabitants have been slowly migrating 50 miles south to Pyeongtaek, the debauchery and rowdiness of Itaewon has followed the tanks and humvees. What’s left is a plethora of outstanding restaurants, bars, people watching and shopping. The American influence is still strong, but this part of town is distinctly more diverse than almost anywhere in Korea. My two favorites places to dine here–Taj Palace, which is the best Indian buffet in town and Vatos with their succulent fish tacos have some new competition.

First is Canuck’s, a charmingly Canadian place classically decorated by hockey jerseys, big screens for sports, signed photos of famous Canadian celebs and Lord Stanley’s Cup.



IMG_5217Then, the food is excellently comfortable. We got the maple bacon burger, original and duck meat poutine, chicken wings and the stuffed chicken breast. Everything priced to feast. The regular style poutine was my favorite and the chicken wings were perfectly crisp and spicy.




IMG_5214I made a quick stop with a friend at Itaewon the Burger, with their straightforward menu of massive burgers, beers and baskets of fries. Hits the spot and was tasty all around, but the bacon wasn’t crispy enough for perfection.

IMG_5480As a Philadelphia kid, and former cheesesteak chef, I have a soft spot in my heart for a long bun filled with chopped ribeye, grilled onions and melted cheese–the Philadelphia Cheesesteak. It’s the staple of any presidential visit to the city, Eagles/Sixers/Flyers/Phillies post victory (or loss) party or basically any gathering of one or more people. Outside of Philadelphia, you’re apt to eat a steak sandwich which could be anything. As I learned in Australia when I was served a strip steak between two pieces of toasted wheat bread. Luckily, Rye Post does this one right!

IMG_5484When Jordyn and I were in D.C. we ate at Chopt, the make your own salad extravaganza. What a Salad is a similar concept, with a few signatures of their own. We ordered the Cobb and Salmon. They both look the same, and taste great with the creamy avocado balanced by either diced chicken and egg or salmon and olives. The price 12,000 – 14,000 won is not forgiving for the dainty little appetizer size of the salad.


IMG_5481Just as an added bonus, here’s a big pepperoni pizza from Pizza Iconic in Jamsil Area.

IMG_5355Keep up the good work Korea!


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