Itaewon ~ Motor City & Oh Poutine

Evidently, Detroit makes its own style of deep-dish pizza and there is an outstanding version of this pie in Itaewon. The background of this style is being baked in the old steel pans that would hold the nuts and bolts of the car manufacturers from Motown.

IMG_6548 (1)The thick dough reminded me of the old school personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut we used to get in elementary for reading books. Did you have that too? What a great memory. The cheese is salty and chewy, the toppings are perfectly placed and those dollops of shiny marinara create a flavor rush that keep the pizza lovers lined up at any time of day here at Motor City.

IMG_6935We ordered the Motown Supreme: sausage, pepperoni, peppers, onions and olives. I love it. I love NY style pizza, but sometimes the deep is delish and this is the place to go for it. The Four Horseman is a blend of four cheeses, spinach, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto. It’s quite a fantastic vegetarian pizza. Seriously, this place is amazing.

IMG_6555We also ordered a lemon garlic shrimp spaghetti. Great sauce, al dente pasta but 20$ is too much for a pasta when the pizzas are about the same price and way better.

IMG_6933After a tasty lunch, we stopped for my kind of dessert–poutine. Oh! Poutine is a new place on one of the back alleys of Itaewon. The lady is from Vancouver and delivers crunchy fries with the umami heaven of gravy and real cheese curds. It’s very good, but at almost 13$ for a large, it’s overpriced. The Canucks version is cheaper and equally satisfying in my opinion. Jordyn loved the Canadien aspect and went Instagramtastic.


IMG_6947We had a beer and chatted it up with a friend and his dogs at Route 66 before heading home. Nice little Sunday.



Motor City Pizza (Be prepared to wait between 20-40 minutes.)

Oh! Poutine

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