Namyangju ~ Merry Dog Cafe

We were buying some dog food from an outlet store in Seoul’s distant suburbs and stopped into a cute dog cafe. This one had it all:

A ball play area.

IMG_5815A bathing station with blow drying box (on the bottom left).

IMG_5813A pool with diving board.

IMG_5812Food and drinks for the owners of the pups. It was a mixed meat grill, but definitely no dog on this menu!


IMG_5828At nighttime, the lights came on and the dogs mostly just sniffed around after their initial excitement upon arriving.


IMG_5832-EFFECTSIt’s an exceptional place to hang if you have a four legged friend who needs to stretch their legs or take a swim. The food is pretty good and the environment is relaxed.

IMG_5834-PANOAfter the dog party, we had a noraebang (karaoke) party at Junco, a place that is more expensive than other singing rooms because they have food available–we ate some fried nibblers, ramen and seaweed soup. Jordyn sang in Japanese and I did my best version of Proud Mary.




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