Singapore Eats

The tiny little island nation of 5 million people likes to eat. There are food hawkers everywhere. Chinatown, Little India, and Arab Street all offer local versions of their distant flavors. The weather is hot, and they fight fire with fire. But, you can’t mention anything about Singapore without talking about price. In other words, it’s silly expensive.



How much would you pay for this Singapore Sling (from Raffles Hotel (the origin of this sweet sweet drink)) and a plate of baby sliders? The answer: 52 US$. Yes, the peanuts were free, and we ate lots of them, but 52 dollars for a drink and a mediocre appetizer? That’s ridiculous!


This was a noodle soup that left my mouth burning for hours after consumption. I was panting like a dog and unable to finish it.


A nameless Indian buffet that was pretty good and reasonably priced.



This was from the first restaurant I saw after exiting the subway in Little India. It was a preachy vegetarian restaurant with lots of facts and Gandhi quotes about how being a veggie eater was morally and intestinally superior. Despite the proselytizing, it was excellent food. It was a thin bread stuffed with potatoes and peas. The dipping sauces were so good, and it’s always fun to eat with your hands and not get too messy.


On a rainy day, there’s nothing better than a warm soup with a tasty, delicate broth.


This tasted like it looks, burnt. Not too good for being so famous–some kind of chicken hot pot.

My feelings are not very mixed. Singapore is tasty but frustratingly expensive.


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