Kuala Lumpur ~ Hindu Temple

Wandering through the “Buy this!” “You like?” “Good price.” “Take a look.” (salesmanship at its finest) of Petaling Street in downtown Kuala Lumpur, it was nice to find this little bit of Indian culture among the craziness. There were two men: one playing a cool drum with his fingers and another playing some harsh wind instrument. Together with the incense and drizzle they created a wonderful environment for exploration of a strange and beautiful religious shrine.


A detailed story seems to be depicted in these carvings.


I’m sure there are some magical tales of talking animals and mustachioed men saving the world herein.



This was a cool 3-D vision of, presumably, the many Hindu Gods.


Ganesh, the many limbed elephant God who helps remove the obstacles of life.


The temple men performing water rites.


This has nothing to do with the temple. He was just spotted outside, and I’d be remiss not to include his extraordinary mullet.

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