Kuala Lumpur ~ Petronas Towers

They were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 before the Taipei 101 was finished. They glimmered like diamonds as we rode into town on the VIP bus from Singapore. Later, sitting down to dinner in an outdoor pavilion and checking out the situation around me, I was shocked when I saw them looming in the distant horizon. They are beautiful to behold, and I think better from a distance. Cell phones selfies omnipresent in the glowing white light will surely be a highlight of anyone’s travel to the KL.







After the immense viewing of the twin towers, it was nice to find these two little creatures sunbathing in the powerful halogen lights of a nearby wall.


These were the local areas lit near a construction site.

Unfortunately, I never brought my camera out to dinner in KL. It’s a real shame to have nothing to document the deliciousness of the Malay cuisine. Spicy, fragrant collages of vegetables and meat, delicious seafood and perfectly BBQ’d prawns and meat skewers. It was some of my favorite food during my SE Asia travels, which may account for why there are no pictures. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the camera in the backpack when there is steaming food in front of you.

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