Returning to My Alma Mater ~ University of Delaware

I needed to obtain an official copy of my transcript for my sojourn in Italy. Delaware’s campus is only a few miles south from Philadelphia through beautiful rolling hills and corn fields, so it was a perfect excuse to take a summer drive.





After the relaxing morning driving with the windows down and smelling the country air, I arrived at the fabulous brick filled campus of UD. I immediately picked up the all important transcript and made my way to the famous Newark Deli and Bagels. I ordered the everything bagel with egg, cheese, sausage and bacon.



You can’t see the bacon, because they forgot it, but then when I reminded them, I got about triple what I would have received on the sandwich. It’s delicious, and you can customize the bagel sandwiches anyway you like. After, I took a walk around my old stomping grounds.





It was great to return and explore. I thought it would be different, but it was just a beautiful and completely welcome deja vu.

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