Pizza Tour of New York ~ 2015

It began from a desire to understand why New York pizza was so famous. Two years ago, we drove through all five boroughs and bought at least one pie (and several random slices) from each of the 5 NYC boroughs. Continue reading “Pizza Tour of New York ~ 2015”

New York ~ Museum of Modern Art

Begun in the late 1920’s as an idea from John Rockefeller’s wife, Abby, it is one of the most famous modern art museums in the world. Walking through the museum can be exhilarating and sometimes frustrating. While art is always subjective beauty, some modern art is just confusing. The randomness and varied styles mixed with creative self-expression makes modern art so intriguing. Here were some of my favorites. Continue reading “New York ~ Museum of Modern Art”

2015 Philadelphia Auto Show

Shiny paint, hot girls in tight pants, new car smell, big horsepower, powerful engines and steep price tags are spread out across the carpeted floors of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. I’m not a car guy, but everybody here is a car guy tonight. Continue reading “2015 Philadelphia Auto Show”

Philadelphia ~ Reading Terminal Market

My hometown city, Philadelphia, has a famous place for diners seeking a wide variety of flavors; it’s the market of the old train station at 12th and Arch┬áSt. The cheesesteaks are probably delicious, but I wanted to sample a few places instead of just filling up on meat and cheese. Continue reading “Philadelphia ~ Reading Terminal Market”

Flagstaff ~ Wild West Brewtown and Amazing Mexican Breakfast

In 1876, a group of settlers en route from Boston to California, stopped to celebrate the July 4th centennial holiday by erecting a large wooden pole to fly the stars and stripes. That flag staff gave the town its name. The characters who filled the streets in those early days gave the town its continuing charm. Route 66 cuts through the heart of this mountain town, bringing pub after pub of craft brew and wooden seating. The busy railroad provides a pleasant background noise to this sleepy city. Continue reading “Flagstaff ~ Wild West Brewtown and Amazing Mexican Breakfast”

Tucson ~ San Xavier Mission, Bamboo Terrace and El Guero Canelo

Tucson, settled next to the imposing mountains filled with human-like Saguaros, has a long history with Spain and Mexico. The Spanish settled here in the 17th century and of course built some churches to convert the local Indians. Continue reading “Tucson ~ San Xavier Mission, Bamboo Terrace and El Guero Canelo”

Returning to My Alma Mater ~ University of Delaware

I needed to obtain an official copy of my transcript for my sojourn in Italy. Delaware’s campus is only a few miles south from Philadelphia through beautiful rolling hills and corn fields, so it was a perfect excuse to take a summer drive.





After the relaxing morning driving with the windows down and smelling the country air, I arrived at the fabulous brick filled campus of UD. I immediately picked up the all important transcript and made my way to the famous Newark Deli and Bagels. I ordered the everything bagel with egg, cheese, sausage and bacon.



You can’t see the bacon, because they forgot it, but then when I reminded them, I got about triple what I would have received on the sandwich. It’s delicious, and you can customize the bagel sandwiches anyway you like. After, I took a walk around my old stomping grounds.





It was great to return and explore. I thought it would be different, but it was just a beautiful and completely welcome deja vu.