Philadelphia ~ Reading Terminal Market

My hometown city, Philadelphia, has a famous place for diners seeking a wide variety of flavors; it’s the market of the old train station at 12th and Arch St. The cheesesteaks are probably delicious, but I wanted to sample a few places instead of just filling up on meat and cheese.

My first stop was at the 12th Street Cantina. I ordered the pork pibil with hot sauce. It tasted the way Taco Bell would taste if they used real meat and quality vegetables. A comfortingly soft tortilla and hot, salty, spiced pork matched the chilled pico de gallo to make a mouth party.


DSC_0023 Next, I saw a hot dog place. They had a dog for only 2$, so I couldn’t resist! Crunchy bacon and cool sauerkraut were perfect toppings, I shouldn’t have added the dominating taste of relish.

DSC_0028After the appetizers, I went for the Beck’s Cajun Cafe. The gator gumbo sounded great. It was tasty but exceedingly spicy. Lucky to have the rice and corn bread.


My mouth seething with spiciness, I went to grab a mango, banana, kale, and carrot smoothie.

DSC_0036Finally, I took home some quality truffles from Mueller Chocolates. The black forest and raspberry were my favorites. Right beside was Termini Brothers, where you can find high quality cannoli.

DSC_0040The market was full of interesting eateries. I tried to go back, but they close at 18:00. So if you’re going, make it for lunch. They offer a full shopping experience as well with cold cuts, organic produce, and other assorted trinkets for sale.






Probably the most famous spot of Reading Terminal is DiNic’s Roast Pork, and I didn’t go for unexplainable reasons. Another time…


Philly is a great strolling city with a beautiful neo-classical city hall that I passed on the walk.


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