Another Day at the “Beach”

Although Trieste doesn’t have a sandy beach, they do have hard paved stones on which to lie. It’s always crowded, and most people hang the whole day, and smartly bring a lounge chair. But first, I needed lunch. My roommate Marco and I headed to the city. We were headed to a strictly pork restaurant, but as they were closed for August break, we were now lost and hungry. We found an abandoned place and decided it was fine due to the high concentration of meat on the menu.


I ordered goulash with polenta. It was salty, but just what I wanted.


Next, we headed to our local, and deservedly famous gelateria, Zampolli’s.


I had the smaller one, tiramisu with chocolate truffle; he had a triple scoop of nero e bianco and his favorite–dark chocolate without milk…basically looks like tar, but tastes better.

He took a nap and did some work, I went to the “beach.”


It’s a flesh party with little room to yourself, but once you jump past the jagged rocks that lead to the water, it’s perfect swimming conditions. Of course, you have the classic stereotypes, speedos…


gelato from a truck…


cool guys playing guitar and smoking…


old people playing cards in the shade while admonishing the youngsters…


and fat guys swimming in the fountain…


It’s a helluva town. I walked the hour back to my apartment because the buses were chock-a-block. I bought a big beer for 1euro and sang the whole way home with the rhythm of my flip flops keeping time.

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