Peperino Pizza and The Daytona Gym

I joined a gym; it’s next to a pizza place…that works for me. When I say “next to” I mean they share a patio. You can be doing chest presses while seeing cheese pull away from a drooling mouth on the other side of a translucent piece of plastic curtain. The smell is wonderful, and it’s like a motivator–“work hard so you can enjoy that pizza another day.” The gym is cool, high ceilings, clean machines, naked pictures of hot chicks on the wall, Rocky Balboa posters and an open air patio with free-weights. And that open air patio is the shared space with Peperino Pizza (Via Del Coroneo 9). It’s a Neapolitan style place. Burnt sections of thick, chewy crust, large dollops of fresh bufala mozzarella, and ripe tomatoes. I’ve eaten here a few times (sure to grow into more, as I learned the pretty camariera’s name (Anita) and its proximity to my gym)), and its only disappointment is the lack of meat available on the pies. Despite the missing carne, I’ll be back.




The first picture is the classic Margherita, second is a gem of truffle sauce with San Daniele prosciutto (one of the only meat offerings), and third is the jovial chef…

Via del Coroneo, 19, 34133

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