Da Farci ~ Classical Italian Trattoria in Sincheon

On the quiet streets near my apartment, I pass numerous buildings during my thrice daily dog walks. One day, I glanced up from my perambulatory stupor and spotted the words “Trattoria.” Two days later, I was ordering up a few dishes and feeling very satisfied. The proprietors are an Italian chef from Sardinia and his loquacious wife from Korea. The food feels full of energy and prepared with an attention to detail. I loved having real basil (if sparingly) on my Caprese salad, and Roman Holiday  playing on repeat on the wall was a nice touch.

We started with the Caprese, and the tomatoes were crispy and fresh. The Milanese risotto and pesto linguine came out together, both pairing well with the crunchy bread to soak up the plate residue. Finally, ending with a real, homemade egg pasta lasagna is always a good idea. We were enjoying conversation with the owner and she forgot to give us our complimentary espresso, but our stomachs were full anyway.





Here’s the only place I found with a map if you want to try it.


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