Philadelphia ~ City Tavern

Philadelphia was a major city during the Revolutionary War. The “founding fathers” met and discussed all the issues of creating a country within the brick buildings of Independence Mall. It was the capital of the fledgling United States of America while Washington D.C. was constructed. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution were both signed in Philadelphia. Continue reading “Philadelphia ~ City Tavern”

Washington, D.C. ~ Portraits, Hoagies, Tacos, Indian food, Pub Grub

In the nation’s capital, we find plenty of restaurants, museums and people watching. Continue reading “Washington, D.C. ~ Portraits, Hoagies, Tacos, Indian food, Pub Grub”

Thanksgiving in America ~ 2014

It was my first time to celebrate the holiday on the actual day, with my family, in the house I grew up in, since 2007. Also, the first one to celebrate with my beautiful lady from Korea, Jordyn. She had never eaten American food, so why not learn with the biggest food celebration of the year. Continue reading “Thanksgiving in America ~ 2014”

Returning to My Alma Mater ~ University of Delaware

I needed to obtain an official copy of my transcript for my sojourn in Italy. Delaware’s campus is only a few miles south from Philadelphia through beautiful rolling hills and corn fields, so it was a perfect excuse to take a summer drive.





After the relaxing morning driving with the windows down and smelling the country air, I arrived at the fabulous brick filled campus of UD. I immediately picked up the all important transcript and made my way to the famous Newark Deli and Bagels. I ordered the everything bagel with egg, cheese, sausage and bacon.



You can’t see the bacon, because they forgot it, but then when I reminded them, I got about triple what I would have received on the sandwich. It’s delicious, and you can customize the bagel sandwiches anyway you like. After, I took a walk around my old stomping grounds.





It was great to return and explore. I thought it would be different, but it was just a beautiful and completely welcome deja vu.