Do Hwa ~ Chinese Comfort Food

There are over 41,000 Chinese restaurants in the U.S. There are 36,525 McDonald’s in the whole world! Despite that imbalance of General Tso to Ronald McDonald, I didn’t eat Chinese food until I was 17 and dining out with a friends’ family. Continue reading “Do Hwa ~ Chinese Comfort Food”

Hanoi ~ 96 Restaurant

This place is all about ambiance. I loved the dark wood tables, the antiques scattered about the shelves and walls and of course the friendly owner, Hoa (Wha). She said I chose the best four items on her menu, which happened to be the same choices I’d made at several different local restaurants to see how the preparation varied. It is bun cha, the BBQ’d pork; cha ca, the dill flavored white fish; and Ha Noi style spring rolls. All were delicious and reasonably priced. The food wasn’t the standout here though, it is the vibe. It is quiet inside with attentive service. There are three floors, two balcony tables, and a large 20 person table. She also offers cooking lessons.

I asked her about her place and she said she owns another one, 69 Restaurant, which is 11 years old, and this is her new baby at only three years. She’s dedicated to making money for her two children, as she works as teacher in the day, and entrepreneur at night. She said family is number one priority of life.

Recommended for couples or large groups.

34 Gia Ngu

96 Restaurant Interior and Food
96 Restaurant Interior and Food