La Cantina ~ Phnom Penh

La Cantina (178 street and 19) is right next door to Me Mates Villa where I stayed. We stumbled a few blocks and found a massive French villa, restaurant fitted, without much of a face lift. The house has big gates and columns beset against the rounded trapezoidal staircases. They serve a tapas style restaurant with plenty of options. For 10 US$, you get 3 tapas and a mini draft beer.


Chicken croquettes with an apple and spicy sauce.


Patatas Bombas, meat stuffed fried delicious with a potato crust, drizzled with a chipotle mayo.


Albondigas, Spanish style meatballs in veggie broth.

All of these were outstanding, and way more filling than I thought for three little appetizers.

Western Food Paradise in Ho Chi Minh City

Perhaps because of the heavy influence of American troops from the war, perhaps because of the massive amount of transient backpackers funneling in on night buses, perhaps because the locals are interested in Western Cuisine, or perhaps because all the best Vietnamese food is elsewhere, HCMC is a destination for world cuisine. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat all the places that looked interesting, instead, I went the comfort food route. After all, it had been a month of focusing on Vietnamese food, I was ready for cheese!

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