Central Laos ~ Food

Since there were few options for quality Western food in these listless river cities, I ate local. My favorite way to eat local is by asking what is the waitresses’ favorite dish, but English isn’t widely spoken, so I took my chances. Menus usually have three options: rice with various meats, noodles with various meats or fish…with rice or noodles. I’m not complaining, sometimes it’s strange and delicious, but other times you are hungry for specificity, which can lead to frustration. That frustration goes simmering into the sunset when you get a dish like this:


Xoyxuay Restaurant in the courtyard of the Catholic Church in Savannakhet. Outstanding fried noodles and Laos style Pad Thai plus ICE cold BeerLao = pleased customer. (40,000kip 5US$) *Recommended*


Pretty good street food at a crowded restaurant. (15,000kip 2US$)


Good taste, but all fatty pork, with hairy pork skin attached. (40,000kip 5US$)


Delightfully minty and basilly, this is the famous Laap dish of Laos. (28,000kip <4US$)


Perfectly blended, sugar free carrot juice with chocolate ice cream dessert. (20,000kip <3US$)


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