Venice ~ Tasty Treats & Savory Somethings

I kept hearing how expensive Venice was for eating. But that’s only if you go to the nice places, such as Antiche Carampane, which was booked solid for lunch and dinner when I arrived at 11:45 a.m. I think it would have been worth the 25 euro plates they offered.

Nevertheless, I found a small place and had plenty of cheese and tomato.



DSC_0113Reasonably priced and delicious it was, but I wasn’t full. A small place serving fried calamari had a never-ending line. I prefer the tiny squid bodies rather than the rubber band type pieces.


A small chocolate cake in a cute place for dessert. This guy was named Paolo.

DSC_0115After more walking, photographing and shooing pigeons, I needed some coffee, with a little ice cream.

DSC_0140Last was a quick slice before jumping on the train. A quiet, blue sky day in the magically flooded city of Venice.



3 thoughts on “Venice ~ Tasty Treats & Savory Somethings

    1. Venice is packed with tourists! But you’re right, you can find some quiet places. I like your blog. You and your boyfriend seem happy to be traveling together. 🙂

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