Luang Prabang ~ Tamarind

It’s a famous restaurant in town that prepares completely traditional food for reasonable prices. I stumbled accidentally, in a dazed post massage pleasure stroll, into this restaurant. They offer cooking classes and have a three page history of Laotian food at the back of the menu. I got a good vibe from the place.

First, I ordered the Beer tasting platter. It’s just a big Beerlao, but it comes with a plate of nibblins, Laos nibblins.


Starting clockwise at the rice cake, under it was a sweet potato cracker, pumpkin seeds, dried ginger, dried mushroom, dried banana, sesame seaweed and salty peanuts in the middle. Perfect finger food with a cold beer.

The next dish was called “Five Bites.”


Starting clockwise at the amazing Luang Prabang sausage, (and ignoring the sticky rice) lettuce wrapped around peanut paste and lemongrass, minced pork in dill and coriander, pickled cabbage, and water buffalo beef jerky. I couldn’t have picked a better lunch for my taste buds. Total satisfaction for under 10US$.


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