Rovigno ~ Croatia




An ancient church rests on the lonely hill, looking out upon the blue waters of the Adriatic. Crumbling stucco houses among the slippery streets of worn away stones. Flowerpots falling over shuttered balconies and laundry hanging to dry in the afternoon sun. It’s the classic romance of a Mediterranean coastline. We arrived via ferry from Trieste, Italy and immediately found lovely apartment accommodation with some convenient bargaining in Italian. The beaches are more pavement and rock than soft sand, but the crystal water makes up for any lack of horizontal comfort. We made a family lunch with various meats and delicious Croatian beer.



We found a tiny little church from centuries ago.

Then a big family dinner of spaghetti and sausage with wine and beer before wandering around the night streets. We found a new gelato place called Chocolat, and they were literally giving away free gelato, and it was outstanding! On Sunday, we ate a delicious lunch beside the water.







We said goodbye to Rovigno, Croatia, and got back onto the speedy ferry to Trieste.


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