Great Ramen in Japan

This bowl of seemingly simple noodles was extraordinary. It looked like every other restaurant on the street, but what a dish! The pork was so soft and tasty, the noodles al dente, and plenty of green onion. I was so happy eating this.


So great, look at the sesame seeds and bubbles of tastiness floating there.


The left dish was egg wrapped around rice and drowned in a gelatinous goop (tastes better than my accurate description). The right dish was a pretty good ramen soup, but not nearly as good as that first one.

First Food in Osaka

We pulled into Osaka rattled after a bumpy, thumpy flight over the South China Sea from Kuala Lumpur. Luckily, we booked a lovely place called Hotel Monterey which was connected to the subway. It was late, and Japanese go to bed early, so we rushed into the nearest tiny restaurant. The old businessmen were sitting and smoking beside crumpled napkins and the ruins of dinner. We ordered big. Everything was delicious and VERY different from the saucy SE Asia noodles and rice and much less spicy than Korean noodles and rice. It was just a small place so there was minimal attention paid to appearance, and more to the taste.

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Vang Vieng ~ Breakfast

Vang Vieng ~ Breakfast

It’s a tourist town. The party people tube, the adventurers ride 4 wheelers, the vigorous go rock climbing, the hungover/lazy go to the chill bars and watch Friends re-runs. No matter who you are, this was your breakfast most days. There is a glut of street vendors advertising any combination of meat, cheese, avocado and egg; as well as sweeter treats like crepes and shakes. I tried to switch it up one day and had a muesli and yogurt. I was hungry within 20 minutes.