Tokyo ~ Food (mostly sushi)

Arriving in Japan, I realized a dream that had been brewing ever since seeing Lost in Translation almost 20 years ago, and was fascinated by the extremely polite culture, the overwhelming homogeneity but especially the food. Continue reading “Tokyo ~ Food (mostly sushi)”

Pyeongtaek ~ Braai Republic & La Mesa

The US military has maintained a presence upon the South Korean peninsula since the “end” of the Korean War in 1953. The old base in central Seoul, surrounding the foreigner friendly area of Itaewon, has been in a process of moving 70km south to Pyeongtaek. The small village of Anjeong-ri is adjacent to the massive and growing Camp Humphrey’s. There are a few restaurants and bars there to serve the almost 30,000 troops who might need a night off base.

We went to eat a late brunch at the South African Braai Republic. Continue reading “Pyeongtaek ~ Braai Republic & La Mesa”

Tofu at the River and Beef in the Country

Where the north and south rivers meet to create Seoul’s massive Han River there is a small island called Joan-myeon where the ferry captains used to live. There is a relaxing¬†river walk and some outdoor activities, plus croaking¬†frogs in the cool fall evenings. Continue reading “Tofu at the River and Beef in the Country”


Vang Vieng ~ Breakfast

Vang Vieng ~ Breakfast

It’s a tourist town. The party people tube, the adventurers ride 4 wheelers, the vigorous go rock climbing, the hungover/lazy go to the chill bars and watch Friends re-runs. No matter who you are, this was your breakfast most days. There is a glut of street vendors advertising any combination of meat, cheese, avocado and egg; as well as sweeter treats like crepes and shakes. I tried to switch it up one day and had a muesli and yogurt. I was hungry within 20 minutes.