Pyeongtaek ~ Braai Republic & La Mesa

The US military has maintained a presence upon the South Korean peninsula since the “end” of the Korean War in 1953. The old base in central Seoul, surrounding the foreigner friendly area of Itaewon, has been in a process of moving 70km south to Pyeongtaek. The small village of Anjeong-ri is adjacent to the massive and growing Camp Humphrey’s. There are a few restaurants and bars there to serve the almost 30,000 troops who might need a night off base.

We went to eat a late brunch at the South African Braai Republic. Continue reading “Pyeongtaek ~ Braai Republic & La Mesa”

A Magnificent May of

May brought high temperatures and a warning of early summer to Seoul. The beach started calling to me by the second weekend. The seasons move along quickly here in Korea, so I expect to get my salty ocean tan as soon as possible. Here’s some highlights from this month’s toothsome delights. Continue reading “A Magnificent May of”


Fried Chicken in Bangkok

Fried Chicken in Bangkok

It’s a frequent sight along the streets crowded with roaches and masquerading men. Crispy fried chicken and a greasy work station. I must have eaten about ten chicken legs and a few more chicken wings in my week in Thailand’s capital. They are cheap and smell great. The skin is so crispy, and doesn’t fall off in one piece like KFC or any of the other fast food joints that specialize in processed yardbird.