Sokcho ~ Seaside Beauty

Descending the winding roads, ears popping, the blue sea comes into view after a long tunnel through Korea’s highest mountain, Seoraksan. The precipitous┬áDragon Ridge is visible to your right among the scattered foliage, and beyond the road’s horizon, a small town spreads out before you, Sokcho. Continue reading “Sokcho ~ Seaside Beauty”

Luang Prabang ~ Muay Xai Restaurant

I actually have no idea what the name of this restaurant was, but it was something like that. It’s on one of the side streets. Among the myriad of bugs swarming the halogen lights, we dined on some more traditional Laos food.


Simply titled: Rice noodles with Beef–balanced and not oily. (<3US$)


Vegetable Stew: Full of dill, eggplant and green beans, not spicy and tender, but strange chicken pieces. (<5US$)

Quan An Ngon – Hanoi Restaurant with a Massive and Delicious Menu

The hotel worker recommended a place that was, according to my request, “excellent but not TOO expensive.” He knew exactly what I wanted and it was a great success. Jordyn and I had two amazing dinners there.


All the plates are between 40-200 thousand dong. You can get any of the famous dishes of Vietnam as well as some new surprises. I ordered about two things off each section (except Pho, I’ll save that for later). I think I remember ordering shrimp with lemongrass, Mi quang soup, crab samosas, beef boiled with green rice, pork and chicken skewers, some rice and of course lots of Hanoi beer. Everything was delicious, service was fast, and atmosphere is completely casual and contemporary. It was filled with faces from around the world, showing that it satisfies lots of differing palettes. I felt completely satisfied but not the “American full” where you are in pain from gorging. There is so much on the menu that I will have to make another stop here before I leave. It is located in the Old Quarter at 18 Phan Boi Chau.